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Howdy folks. With the business growing leaps and bounds and with life happening every day I haven’t had the chance to get here, but I’m here now.

Today, I want to talk about the scary experience I had this morning.

So, since the weather is changing I’m back to taking walks, it sometimes helps with my fibromyalgia. Now just to give you all a bit of background, I’ve lived in some dangerous spots, never even when living in the Bronx, New York did I have feel the panic I did this morning.

This morning since my legs were already bothering me my walk consisted of a quick walk to the gas station.

While leaving I held the door open for what I thought was a nice older guy, I’m not going to call the man a gentleman and once you read this blog you’ll know why.

Now the gas station isn’t very far from my house at all, just about a 6 minute walk. As I turned down my street I hear a car coming up from behind, it’s moving slow but I still moved from the street and passing me really slowly was the guy from the gas station. He gives me a creepy wave then turns down the street.

Now I’m watching this dude cuz it doesn’t feel right. He pulls into a lot and turns around heading past me once again. This time he drives further down the street but not out of sight.

As I’m watching I see the guy parked in a driveway, then for the third time he turns around and starts heading in my direction once more this time the only thought I have is to run.

In my high school days I ran track and was the fast girl in my high school for 2 years straight, but I was younger then, but I bolt as I see this guy driving back toward me. 

I ran full out dropping my cell phone in the process. I skirted back picked it up and hid behind a building until I saw him drive off then I bolted for my house.

Winded I step in my place where my daughter is concerned why I’m out of breath for an easy walk to the gas station.

Shaken, I retell her what happened to me. Like I said I’ve been in some sketchy spots, I even lived on the streets in Denver, Colo in my teens, but the fear I felt today was unlike anything I’ve ever gone through.

Women have gone through hell especially as of late with the ME2 Movement. Now just walking around our neighborhoods have become dangerous.

I do you live in a state where you can carry a weapon. I don’t like guns, but I did buy a steel dagger awhile back for when my daughter was travelling back n forth when we lost our car.

I never thought about bringing it because it was only a 6 minute walk. From now on whenever I’m out and about on my own I will never forget to carry the dagger and the pepper spray.

I’m retelling this story to allow other women to know to always be mindful of your surroundings. Don’t ever think this won’t or can’t happen to you, because that’s what I thought this morning.

As women we must learn to look out for our lives and each other. So, please be aware of where you are, make sure you know where your children are at all times, and the most important thing is to educate our women, our daughters and granddaughters. Teach them road safety, and how to protect themselves in case they need to make a quick getaway like I had to do this morning.

I pray this never happens to me or any other women out there.

Please be safe.


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