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Snippet Wednesday

Hello from the otherside. How’s your 202 treating you? I must say since the beginning of the new year I have trained my focus on getting some new material out for you guys. I am working on something now that I’m pretty proud of and I can’t wait to share it with all of you later in the year.

Today I’m posting an unedited snippet of The Tapestry.

Enjoy <3

A cold hand shook Parker’s shoulder. “Leave me, Tess.”

“I am not Tess and you will not give up.”

Slowly, she opened her eyes to see Grandmother Spider staring at her. Parker popped up and wrapped her arms around the old woman.

“Missed me, did you?” Grandmother Spider wrapped loose strands of dark hair around her ear.

“Yes, I did. I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

“I’m not yours to save, Parker. I am old, past my prime but I was thankful to have spent my last days with you.”

Parker dropped her head as salty droplets blanketed her shirt. “Why are you here?”

“I am here to ask you the same question.”

Parker looked into the old woman’s eyes then surveyed their surroundings. The world she knew was drained of color, sulfur tainted the air causing Parker to gag and cough. “Where are we?” She covered her mouth.

“We are everywhere and no-where. This is the future of Krill’s world. Once you walked out on your people Krill destroys everything, his evil germinates from one reality to another, no world is safe.”

Parker followed the woman haunted by the crunch underneath her feet.

“Don’t look down,” Grandmother Spider whispered.

Unable to obey Parker glanced down at bleached sand. She scooped up a handful, her hand covered in ashen dust. “What is this?”

“The bones of the dead,” Grandmother Spider said flatly. “I told you not to look down. Sometimes you listen to the wrong things.”

Parker wiped her hand against her clothes. “Everyone is dead,”

Grandmother Spider nodded pointing to a bundle of clothes. Parker rushed over as the string of familiarity washed over her. “Falcon,” she whispered reaching down to touch the fabric instead it dissipated within her grasp. “No,”

“Remember the balance of all things, without you Krill and his madness remains unchallenged. Where there is darkness and death there must be love and hope, and you my sweet girl, you are the best of both.”

“This can’t be on me, I’m not strong. Your death haunts me. I feel guilt.”

Grandmother Spider clapped her hands causing Parker to jump. “Exactly, you feel guilt over something you have no control over. Death is death nothing more than that. One day you will die, no one escapes. It’s not about the length of your days but how you chose to live them.” Parker wiped her face. “I taught you to be selfless not selfish. I know your heart aches, but you cannot run. You found what you always wanted now fight for it.” Parker exhaled. “You were born with old magic, you inspired women by your cunning and strength. Life happens, dear one. Stop being afraid to live, life is pain but there’s so many other things in life to enjoy. Close your eyes.” Parker obeyed. “You have to believe in yourself, the way the people around you believe. Be strong, young one. This is your path and only you will be able to walk down it. Now tell me what you see?”

“The world is…dead,” she whispered with tears flowing down her cheeks. All around her the trees turned ash mixing with the crushed bones of every person everywhere.” She gagged on the musky air. The cloudy sky covered the dim sunlight. In the distance a figure approached her. “Krill,” she growled.

“Don’t you like the world I created?”

“Everything is dead, the world you created is just death.”

“Yes, but you bring life that’s why we belong together, you and I are bonded. Once I learn everything Mauve has to teach then I’ll be strong enough to control you.”

“Mauve is lying to you, Krill. She wants my magic for herself. She knows what you’ll do with endless power. She hides secret magic from you.”

“LIAR,” he bellowed.

“Ask her yourself. Use your magic to see through her lies. She did teach you how to read the soul, didn’t she?”

Krill’s body quivered with anger. “There is no such magic.”

“Oh, but there is, it was the first bit of magic my grandmother taught me. I can teach it to you if you like?”

Krill pointed at her. “You’re a snake.”

Parker glared at him. “I am the truth.”








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