Monday Madness

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Monday Madness

Happy Monday,

My routine for the last week has been pretty nice. I get up with my dog, grab a big cuppa of hot coco (yes, I love it) I love coffee too but my belly isn’t a fan so in taking better care of my health no more coffee for me. I miss it a bit but I have different types of teas and I love tea as well.

Every Monday I do something nice for myself like doing my nails, or doing my face. I love skin care which is why if you haven’t checked out the Goddess Spa you gotta I love scrubs and great soaps.

So having a deadline puts a fire under my butt. I need it sometimes.

The rain finally stopped and I find myself tired. I love rainy days but don’t need to nap. Crazy, huh?

My WIP is at 15k and I’m pretty proud of where it’s going. I’ll try to drop a snippet sometime this week.

It’s time to earn my me time.

Until later…

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