Raven’s Guide to breaking Procrastination.

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Raven’s Guide to breaking Procrastination.

Hello my friends today we’re talking about a very dangerous word that begins with the letter ‘P’ now don’t think dirty y’all the P-word is. Procrastination. Yep, I shiver ever time I see this word but I am so totally guilty of it.

Being an Indi author without a house there is no deadlines so it helps me become complacent which for a writer is never a good thing. What are your ways to stop procastinating?  I know most authors write a word count daily and I am now getting back into the swing of things from being gone for so long. The writing world I once knew is so totally different.

So, now I do a word count as well, and what I do is give myself a low number like say 1,200 words. It doesn’t seem like a lot so when I’m writing and I conquer that word count I dare myself to go further.

When I haven’t written in awhile I honestly feel like I’m cheating myself. Throughout my lifetime I have lost many things but those things I had no control over, but with my writing I have control. So let’s say on the third day of not writing, I’ll give myself a kick in the butt, and it usually works. I know what I want to accomplish with my words and so I push through, another P- word we can replace Procrastination. Instead of Procrastinating we will Push through.



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