Raven’s Top Ten – Writing Rituals

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Raven’s Top Ten – Writing Rituals

Right on guys, so today I will be talking about writing rituals. What do you need to have when your writing?

I have to have serveral things going on at once. I know some people will think writing in this way is madness but I’ll share a bit why I focus better with serveral things playing at once.

When I was in the first grade I went to Thomas Jefferson, now this was a special school. I honestly didn’t realize how special until talking it over with my older brother who attended the same school.

We didn’t have enclosed classrooms. It was a big space and each student had a chair that spun around. This is not I kid you not. We had ‘Centers’ the student had four choices, He/She could look one way to have Art class, turn to the left for Math, or the right for history. Everything all at once.

Being that this is how I started school, when my family moved from Euild, Ohio to New London, Connecticut it took time for me to adjust to the confinment of one single classroom. Crazy but true. 

So, knowing that is why I need several things to have a great writing day. I need a scented candle, I have to have both my braces for my right hand. I use just a few fingers to type so sometimes my right hand aches more than the left. Go figure, right?

I also love this Egyptian  scent my older brought me when he was in Egypt. Awesome big brother.

I need something to be playing in the background. It could be a movie that inspired the genre, or watching/listening to I.D. channel. I love that show but that’s for another post.

Depending on the weather I may or may not need my handy dandy heating pad.

What helps you write?




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