Raven’s Guide to Writing Fantasy Worlds.

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Raven’s Guide to Writing Fantasy Worlds.

Hey there Raven Watchers. Today, I’m talking about fantasy worlds and how I build the worlds my characters live in. The thing I love about fantasy is there are no rules. When creating worlds it’s all up to your imagination. You can create anything you wish like when I wrote Vampire’s Embrace I wrote about vamps and shifters. Even in my historical Theives in the Night, Femi turns out to be a relative of a famous female pharaoh. It’s different when your writing contemporary because everything has to be real, it doesn’t always revolve around the world you want to create because they are living in the real world, and sometimes the real world can be boring.

Take for example J.K. Rowling, she created Harry Potter and began her world creating on a napkin…a damn napkin, that’s an amazing feat. In her world there were witches, wizards and goblins not to mention all the animals and spells she created blows my mind and I would love and hope my worlds are just as brilliant. 

I have a book on my brain that I’ve been fleshing out. I am creating a planet with some hopefully awesome creatures that live on and beneath the surface.

It does take time to get everything together, but since it is a world from imagination  I have to remind myself that as long as the world is believable then run with it. Being an author in such a big pond it helps if you create a story that helps you to stand out in this big pond.

It is hard sometimes creating fantasy worlds because we look at most things with a logical brain.

A logical brain doesn’t want to see people flying, or using super powers, which is one reason why I enjoy it so much.

I’m a bit weird I know that, well at least my kids tell me I’m weird, so my logical side isn’t always logical.

In fact, it can be a little hard for me not to use characters with special gifts and such, but in my world there is everything, love, drama, trauma and yes, sometimes a vampire or two.

How do you create the worlds you write in?

What advice would you give an author about how to create fantasy worlds?



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