Raven’s Guide to Setting the Scene.

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Raven’s Guide to Setting the Scene.

Greetings everyone,

I know this is new, new website, new stories and a new me. Today, I’m talking about setting the scene. In my opinion depending on what genre you’re writing scene setting varies example…

The scratching sound of dry leaves skittering across the vacant street made Joan’s heart pound.


Joan stared with lust at her lover. Her heart raced with anticipation.

Some authors spend a lot of time with descriptions, they speak about the sweetness of the air, or describe every shade of green for two to three pages.

I’m not saying that isn’t the way to write because each author is authentic and unique.

No matter how it happens the scene sets up the reader for every juicy morsel to come within the pages.

What I like to do is plunge the reader into the world I create. I want the reader to feel every emotion, to cry when it’s time to cry, or shout when the world becomes intense.

Which author sets the scene for you?

Writing is a journey and it will not always be a positive experience but what I have learned on my  writing journey it’s all about growth. 

Each book you’re honing your craft, you may not always feel like you are, but believe me it’s all about learning and sharing. But that is a blog for another day, I guess. 🙂





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