Raven’s Guide to Busting Writer’s Block.

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Raven’s Guide to Busting Writer’s Block.

Hey guys today it’s how to beat writer’s block. I know I am not the only author that struggles with it, in fact all authors suffer but it’s how to shake it off and get to work. I know I have mentioned before that when my first publishing house down I lost my mojo. I understand now it was the mojo I lost. It was my ego. I was afraid of starting over again. To rebuild myself like the phoenix I believe myself to be was so daunting that I allowed it to keep me from my writing for many years. Have you ever experienced writer’s block? What did you do to conquer it?

What I had to do was swallow my ego. I’m not here to become rich and famous if it happens glorious but I write because I was to connect to other people. To show them they are alone, that they too are worthy.

I write to give people, especially women of color that our voices matter. I allowed my ego to strip me bare and now here at the beginning I feel lighter, yes, I still have writer’s block but I no longer let it define who I am as an author. I am a phoenix, I will always rise to face my journey. The thing is not how to travel on your way what happens is you keep moving.


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