And Here We Are.

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And Here We Are.

Hi guys, I must say it is glorious to have a website again. When I stopped writing oh so many years ago I never thought I’d be here again. I missed how I had stopped writing but I was afraid, yep, I was filled with fear. I was with Red Rose Publishing for many years, and once it closed I was afraid of starting all over again. A really good friend of mine dared me to write something. At first I didn’t know if I could. Again I was afraid. What if I lost my mojo? So, she dared me just to write whatever came to my mind. She read my older books so I trusted her judgment, plus I can’t say no to a dare, right? lol

Long story short I wrote The Trickster, The Witch and the She-wolf oh my. I was totally surprised. I did it, not only did I have my mojo but I conquered my fear. There are so many things to be afraid of in the world we are living in today. We never know what’s going to happen to us once we step out of the house. We cannot control other people but we can learn how to conquer your fear. If we give in, the way I did we are missing opportunities. Who knows where I would be in I didn’t give in to my fear. I had to learn to swallow my ego, do what ever I plan to do. Life is scary, writing is also scary because within my books I always leave a piece of myself in the pages. It makes me feel vulnerable and that is a scary feeling too. I’m here fighting everyday to put words on the page, but I know the only one stopping me from continuing is myself. Thank you all for taking this journey with me.


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