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Hello everyone don’t think I’ve fallen off the planet I’m here. I had major surgery last Friday and I’m now trying to back into the swing of things, just not as fast lol.

Okay so Goddess Talks Podcast on Blog Talk Radio at 9am bring your coffee and get ready to laugh. I don’t care what our topic is Kristy and I always have stories to tell, I’m sure if it’s because we have a lot in common or what. But now that Kristy and I were both with Red Rose Publishing back in the day.

We never spoke until lately and to met someone else that knows about certain books, or movies no matter what her and I, damn we’re also clones. Since the surgery I have a brand new book out called, The Trickster, The Witch, The She-Wolf Oh My. The cover is by USA Today Best selling Author V Vee.

Its stunning believe me I think I have my cover artist. Now I have to find a way to get everything off of my old hard drive I’m not giving up on that for sure. The doc says one more week of bed rest so I’ll be writing. Have a wonderful day…kisses

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